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With more than 22 years of dental experience, we assist those who are seeking a comprehensive, one-stop shopping approach to their dental needs. Anyone who is missing one or more teeth due to decay, disease, or injury may be the right candidate for dental implants. If you are seeking more information about guided implant surgery or dental implants in Wenatchee, we will do our best to answer any of your questions and discuss treatment options.

At Wenatchee Dental Arts, Dr. Divis and his team have a clear advantage over many other offices when it comes to implant dentistry.  Wenatchee Dental Arts has a new type of dental imaging device call a Cone Beam Computerized Tomograph or CBCT.  It produces an image similar to a medical CT scan with 1/10 to 1/20 the radiation exposure for the patient.  In combination with specialized computer software, accurate  images of the patient's facial structures including the jaws and teeth are created.  The software is used to allow Dr. Divis to visualize these structures in great detail and virtually place implants on the computer screen before surgery.  This is a distinct advantage because critical structures such as nerves, major blood vessels, sinuses and so forth can be seen in relation to the planned implant.  Different sized implants can be virtually trial fit to identify the best choice in implant and its position.  Furthermore, as can be seen above, restorations can be carefully planned in advance to assure the best outcome.  But thats not all.  Using the computerized plan, a surgical guide can be made to place the implant just how it was planned.

CBCT images are also useful in other situations such as implant placement to firmly hold dentures in place.  In can be used to identify cracks in teeth, dental abscess, Position of wisdom teeth or any tooth planned for extraction.  CBCT can help orthodontists treatment plan tooth movement and locate impacted teeth.  The need for bone grafting prior to or in conjunction with implant placement can also be assessed.


We understand that it can be a bit difficult to find dentist who performs comprehensive general dentistry and places implants in Wenatchee. You probably have questions ranging from the dental implants cost to the procedure itself. We make sure to give new and current patients the time they need to inquire about the procedures and options.

Whether you need a doctor to place your implants before working with your general doctor, or are interested in a smile make over using crowns and bridges, we will do our best to create the most personalized experience for you. Whatever your situation is, our goal is to have you leaving our office with a beautiful and healthy smile.

Additionally, we are certified to administer oral as well as IV sedation.  We stive to make your visit comfortable and not so memorable.  As a leader in sedation dentistry Dr. Divis underwent 80 hours in lecture and has completed well over a thousand sedation cases since 1999.

At Wenatchee Dental Arts, we are committed to providing the best quality dental care for our patients.

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