Dr John Divis

Hi, I am Dr. John Divis. I have lived in Washington my whole life. I was raised in Brewster, not too far from Wenatchee. I graduated from high school there and then attended Eastern Washington University for undergraduate school. I attended the University of Washington School of Dentistry and graduated in 1991. After graduating from dental school, my first stop was in the Tri Cities area. I then moved with my family to Wenatchee to start our practice here.

I became interested in dentistry as a youngster. My childhood dentist was a WWll veteran who had fought on the beachheads in the Pacific. Having treatment done was always scary and uncomfortable as a child. Fortunately, his son became a dentist as well. I say fortunately because he changed my perception of going to the dentist. He listened to me and respected any signs of discomfort. He got me numb enough to have pain free dental treatment for the first time. That is a major reason why I chose dentistry as a profession. It is also why I have taken a special interest in learning to treat people with deep anxieties towards dentistry. The biggest step I took occurred in 1999 when I attended an in-hospital training program developed by the Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia in Dentistry, one of the oldest dental societies in the country. There I learned the science and art of sedation dentistry from experienced dentists and anesthesiologists. Through this training I became qualified to attain a permit to provide moderate levels of I.V. anesthesia. Since then, I have performed sedation dentistry for hundreds of people. If you are looking for someone who takes pride in their dentistry, and has extensive experience providing sedation dentistry, you are looking in the right place. We would love to be the solution to your dental needs.



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