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Even if you take great care of your teeth, damage and decay can still happen. When it does, you need to know that you have an experienced dentist who can provide the care you need. John Divis, DDS, and the committed team at Wenatchee Dental Arts are passionate about helping patients enjoy a healthy smile.

Through personalized treatments using high-quality materials, we can help you restore and revitalize your smile. Whether you need a simple filling or full tooth replacement with dental implants, our team is here to help! Contact our office and schedule your visit today.


Do I Need a Restoration?

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Restorations are designed to address various health issues and to help your smile get back to a healthy place. If you have tooth decay, a fractured or broken tooth, impacted teeth, an oral infection, or missing teeth, any of these will likely need restorative dental care to deal with the problem before it worsens.

At Wenatchee Dental Arts, we take your health and your care seriously. Our goal is to preserve your natural smile in the healthiest and most effective way possible. We don’t push unnecessary treatments but look for solutions that minimize the impact on your smile and help you enjoy true oral health.

Dr. Divis and his team take the time to help you understand your options so you can make an informed choice about your care and feel confident in your treatment.

Restorations We Offer

We want to help patients strive for a better smile, no matter their current health circumstances. That’s why we offer such a broad range of dental restorations so that everyone can find the solution they need to help rebuild their oral health.

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Our restorative dental services include:

We also provide sedation dentistry, including IV sedation, because we want to make your care as comfortable and positive as possible.

Experienced Dental Implant Placement & Restoration

Dental implants are fast becoming a popular and effective choice for tooth replacement. As the only option that replaces both the crown and root of a tooth, they offer benefits not found with other replacement methods.

Dr. Divis has years of experience with dental implant placement. He uses cutting-edge technology to aid in planning and placing implants, determining the most effective position and angle for each implant to provide a firm hold and lasting support. Our office is proud to use high-quality materials to make each custom restoration, including Prettau® Zirconia dentures, for lifelike results you’ll love.

Do I Qualify for Dental Implants?

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If you have one or more missing teeth or teeth that need extracting, chances are good that dental implants can help you. The most important thing to consider when discussing dental implants is whether your mouth and especially your jawbones are healthy.

Since the implant post is placed inside the jawbone, your bone needs to be sufficiently strong and dense to support them. Likewise, you need to be free of gum disease, which could actually shrink the bone and cause the implant to fail if not dealt with.

Dr. Divis will treat any gum disease before planning and placing implants to improve your success rate. If your jawbone is thin or brittle, you may still be able to receive implants. We provide treatments to strengthen the bone, including bone grafts, sinus lifts, and ridge augmentation. With this targeted care, we can make your mouth healthy and strong enough to support dental implants.

Rebuilding Smiles with Dentures

Our office also provides all styles of dentures to meet the needs of our patients. Whether you’re missing a few teeth or several, these dentures are customized to you and designed to provide effective functional and aesthetic replacements.

  1. Partial Dentures – These dentures replace some teeth in any arrangement you need. They use your existing teeth for support by hooking onto them with metal or acrylic clasps.
  2. Full Dentures – If an entire arch of teeth are lost or need extracting, full dentures can replace all the teeth on the top or bottom ridge. They use a combination of suction and dental adhesive to stay in place.
  3. Implant-supported Dentures – Using implants to secure your dentures in place will provide permanent support for your teeth. With All-on dentures, a full dental arch can be supported on eight, six, or even four dental implant posts.

Standard & Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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As your dentist, we try to save your natural teeth whenever possible. However, in some cases, it may be better for your oral and overall health to remove a tooth. Dr. Divis is experienced with tooth extraction and can help to remove your tooth cleanly and effectively.

You’re likely to need an extraction if:

  • A tooth is too decayed or broken for a crown
  • A broken tooth is bleeding heavily and needs emergency extraction
  • You have a wisdom tooth that’s impacted or crowded
  • Your tooth is infected, and root canal therapy is insufficient or not possible
  • A tooth must be removed for successful orthodontic treatment

Gum Disease Treatment

Your gums are just as vital to your smile as your teeth, and like teeth, they need care if they’re affected by damage or disease. Our office provides several levels of periodontal care, from effective cleanings and treatment to periodontal surgery. If your gums are sore, prone to bleeding, or have started receding, contact our office and schedule a visit to give your gums the treatment they need.

Rediscover a Healthy Smile Today!

At Wenatchee Dental Arts, helping patients enjoy a lifetime of great smiles is our biggest passion. Our team is committed to providing the care you need and making your treatment experience as positive and rewarding as possible.

No matter the state of your smile, Dr. Divis and our dedicated professionals are here to help! Contact our office to get started today!


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